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About Us  /  CSR and Sustainability

TADW Architects has a responsibility beyond the realms of the company to the local community we work in and to society at large.  We will pursue long term goals which through the business process will produce an overall positive impact on the wider community.

We work with local schools and colleges and offer placements and training for students who are considering architecture as a career.  We attend 6th Form Schools and Colleges Career Conventions and represent RIBA in the promotion of good architecture.

We have mentored graduate and diploma architecture students during their probationary training experience in obtaining their professional accreditation.

We consult with local communities as part of the planning process and during early stages of design and have incorporated this culture within office working.

We support two local charities and are actively engaged in fundraising activities.

Designing sustainable buildings goes beyond renewable energy attachments which credit calculations and certification. Their design must incorporate the basics of orientation and massing and then be flexible to accommodate change in time and space.  

Buildings must be carefully integrated within their historic narrative and contribute to the sense of place. They should inspire their users to be socially and ecologically responsible and reciprocate by providing a safe and secure environment to grow old in.

We value the grouping of buildings and remain committed to reducing wastage of historic fabric by careful conservation and innovative thinking ‘outside of the box’.

The future will bring new challenges which we will need to address as Architects. Our designs will need to provide for future climatic changes and a more responsible lifestyle with almost certainly increased financial restraints. Now that’s a challenge!
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TADW Limited   •   Six  St Petersgate  Stockport  Cheshire  SK1 1HD   •   Ph 0161 477 6158   •   Fx 0161 480 8342   •   mail@tadw.co.uk
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